Friday, 7 September 2012

Surprise your man with sex toys!

Surprise your man with sex toys!

He might not have ever revealed, but your man definitely craves for something unusually seductive that pushes his passion-buttons the right way! So, what are you waiting for, we bring to you 6 sexual highs that he always craves for... 

  1. Listening
Some men are curious about all kinds of sex, while others are overtly conservative. Some however are just not sure of the specific sex moves they want to ask for. If your guy looks bored with the sex you're having it's probably because he's a bit bored. So the hottest thing you could ever do is to tell a man that he is free to ask you for anything. Even if you choose not to do what he's asking for, your guy will love that you listened and tried to understand and this is sure to turn him on.

2. Toys
Men have a love-hate relationship with your sex toys. While most men are convinced that these gadgets take the pressure off male sex performance, all dudes realise that they don't have long-lasting batteries like these machines. But what your guy may not be telling you is that he loves watching you use. So, what's stopping you from starting off a steamy sex romp? Get down and dirty and watch your man watch you get playful with your favourite sex toy! It will blow his mind.

3. Porn watching
All men dig porn, now here's how you can be part of the brat pack. Watch porn together on a steamy night. Your guy is bound to get aroused watching you becoming out-of-control sexcited at the sight of male porn actors. Men also fantasise about their babe mimicking the woman in the porn flick. So, get into some serious role play and scale new heights of desire.

4. Surprise them
Most men love to be pampered and caught off guard. So, why not service your man's fantasy by organising a match night where he's watching his favourite cricket match with you alone. Pour him a chilled beer, massage his back and shoulders with your hands and whisper sweet nothings in his ears. Don't jump into the sack right away. Stimulate his mind, sit on his lap and kiss him all over the body. The girlie make out session will have him charged up in bed later.

5. Fantasise
All men share kinky fantasises of making indulging in role play or being dominated with whips and chains in true bondage style. Now, instead of shunning his kinky desires - give them a concrete shape by participating in them. Catch your man by surprise clad in a leather cat suit, tie him to the bed post and allow him to live out his wildest sexual thrills!

6. Cross Dressing
Men wear trousers and a shirt. Everything else is just a variation of the same dress code. Why not raid his wardrobe and get in touch with your androgynous side. Put on his shirts, spray his strong manly scent and seduce him. And if your man wants to try on your lacy lingerie - don't say no, fun lies in experimentation afterall.


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